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SASS - Convert px to rem

When we speak about significant CSS codebase, we automatically think of SASS or any other CSS pre-processor like stylus or LESS, to name a few. Using this type of tool is useful not only to share styles across multiple components, nesting, variables but also to allow functions and mixins for more complex logic.

An EFI App a bit rusty

This is a new version of an old article of mine on Medium. This version no longer uses XBuild since cargo nightly is receiving build-std that does the same job.

After two tweets that I made last week, playing around with UEFI and Rust, some people asked to publish a blog post explaining how to create a UEFI application fully written in Rust and demonstrate all the testing environment.

So todays objective it’s to create a UEFI application in Rust that prints out the memory map filtered by usable memory (described as conventional memory by the UEFI specification). But before putting the hands at work let’s review some concepts first.



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